Shadows are falling…

This is the best time of the year.  Summer is receding with tropical storms bringing rain and, yes, some havoc as well.  With rain comes relief for the parched ground.  Tropical rains also sweeping away the stultifying heat as they pass over us.

spooky tower houseThe harvest is also coming upon us soon.  Harvest is a time of year that I particularly relish.  With harvest you can feel the deep human roots of ritual.  The roots of our folk history come out and get some elbow room.  We are aware once again of man going along with the rhythms of nature.  Also, there’s kettle corn at harvest time and nothing is better than kettle corn.

I’m hoping to get out to the cemetery this month or the next and perhaps get out to the James River Writer’s Conference as well.  The conference is October 6th through October 8th, and I know many mystery writers who I personally enjoy will be there.  Writers like Meredith Cole, Donna Andrews, Mollie Cox Bryan & Howard Owen.


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