About Me

If you like twisted, gothic or weird speculative fiction–you’ve come to the right place.  I enjoy writing and talking about new-weird and slipstream fiction.

Did you subscribe to my newsletter? If you do you’ll get a free story called “The Goblin Queen” and you can always unsubscribe later.  I’m currently slogging away at a novel. (But who isn’t?)

Background: I originally went to school for acting, got kicked out and eventually pulled myself up by my own bootstraps from working slave wage jobs to teaching acting and creative writing to children and teens.  Eventually I went back to college and graduated from Smith in 2000.  After that I got an MFA from Syracuse University and taught at Hampden Sydney College for a bit.  Next fall I’ll be teaching at Longwood University, but I also have side gigs as a researcher, social media consultant, story doctor.  I get paid to write query letters and synopses for other authors.

Though I was born in California, and enjoyed my time in New England, I currently live and work in Virginia where I enjoy mountain biking, gardening, all things Southern Gothic, and baking vegan pastry.

Find me please, I’m lonely on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter: @kettlemacaulay.