About Me

Howdy! Thanks for checking out my website.

I’m publishing a collection of whack fairy tales called THE HAG EXPERT in 2016.  These hybrid stories are a combination of fairy tale meets my all-too-surreal childhood.  The whole idea of hybrid fairy tales was inspired by my visit to Syracuse University.  I went to meet my future grad school creative writing professor George Saunders for the first time and then, on the train ride home I read the memoir of another grad professor, Mary Karr.  Something about George’s comedic axe and Mary’s retelling of her awful childhood combined in my brain and voila! This is the result.

Meanwhile, it’s a brave new world! I write not only fairy tales, but also speculative fiction which comes in an variety of flavors, including Slipstream Fiction, New Weird, and Bizarro.  The free story you can get for subscribing to my newsletter is Bizarro fiction and I have a slipstream story called ‘Virus Kingdom’ coming out in the anthology DARK CLOUD this summer.

I’m also slogging away on a novel.  (But who isn’t?) You’ll be hearing about it soon.

As for actual, real adult writing credits? I got my undergraduate degree from Smith College, and an MFA in creative writing from Syracuse University.  Unbelievably, for those who’ve seen my spelling and punctuation, I actually taught composition/rhetoric at Hampden Sydney College.  These days when not writing my ass off, I work as a social media consultant in lovely Charlottesville, Virginia.

I could not live in this paradise were it not for my amazing husband of umpteen-billion years.  (We got together when we were embryos.) Here’s a picture of our doggie, Jojo.  Jojo in aft sun

Find me please, I’m lonely on Facebook HERE  and Twitter here: @kettlemacaulay.